Retail Pros.

Ready to Go.

Optimize sales performance, galvanize your sales force and leverage smart sales solutions. SalesMakers performs a wide range of retail sales services fixed on revenue generation and product and service sell-through. Our A-Z retail sales expertise includes assisted sales, sales force training and management, and retail consulting services — which means we have the real-world know-how and resources for greater profitability and performance — all ready to go.

Ready to Sell

Don’t just hire a labor force. Build your business from the sales floor. Each SalesMaker receives comprehensive training tailored to your brand, product lines and goals, no matter how complex the transaction. We close thousands of wireless, Internet, consumer electronics and retail sales every day, engaging “big box” shoppers and event, mobile or popup store consumers with the knowledge and confident sell-through to close more deals, faster.

In-Store Sales

SalesMakers make it rain! Complex or subscription-based services are a SalesMakers niche, and our trained, motivated sales pros focus on sell-through by each hour, activity and customer interaction. Whether your need is to fill permanent or seasonal needs, SalesMakers can custom tailor an assisted sales solution that works best for your brand.

Event / Mobile

SalesMakers make it happen! Is your brand getting into the hands of event attendees? SalesMakers event specialists ask the questions that connect customers with product benefits, which results in sales. Flea markets, street fairs, garden shows, art festivals, sidewalk sales — SalesMakers can close deals anywhere we engage your customer.

Pop-Up Sales

SalesMakers make it happen! SalesMakers sidestep the typical go-to-market delays through expertise in lease negotiation, kiosk fabrication and installation, site selection and staffing logistics. We know how to avoid the mall space traps and understand its traffic patterns so you are up and running — and making money — sooner.

Ready to Launch

Before you go to market, call the seasoned executives of SalesMakers. With retail ownership, operations and store management acumen, SalesMakers executives help improve performance to boost your bottom line. Reach complex 3PL retail launch success through strategic planning, tactical programs, launch implementation, recruiting, staffing, training, performance evaluation—or any time you need to drive sales.

Retail Planning

Serious sales smarts. SalesMakers experts share critical insights to develop programs and practices that maximize ROI. From sales and financial operations, back-end systems, customer psychographics, employee evaluation and real estate services, SalesMakers can drive sales, elevate efficiency, expand your sales force and improve your overall performance and profitability.

Tactical Programs

Perform with proficiency. SalesMakers executives are among the most experienced in the industry, touting decades of your-side-of-the-desk retail ownership, operations and management experience, as well as assisted sales innovation — which translates to a faster, easier uptake, fewer headaches and greater certainty of success for your business.

Launch Implementation

From start to finish, STAT. Let SalesMakers catapult your sales plans from concept to launch with a proven 360-degree approach to sales start-up and implementation — including go-to-market business planning, operations management, site selection, store design, recruiting and staffing, marketing and incentives and performance measurement.

Ready to Market

Gain a trusted partnership that yields top returns. With SalesMakers, you access flexibility and scalability to meet multiple outsourcing demands for any business. Beyond 3PL staffing, SalesMakers skillfully executes in-studio virtual training for complex retail sales, mystery shopping, reporting and customized consultation from the industry’s leading outsourced retail sales closers so you secure high-value, long-term customers in the most competitive of environments.

Salesforce Training

Shape sales closers. SalesMakers uses visual, audible and mechanical learning techniques that engage people by seeing, hearing and doing. From our virtual training studios or wherever you need us, we’ll deliver an effective retail training that fits your budget and timeline. We build confidence, instill retention and ease transition to the sales floor.

Mystery Shopping

On-the-ground intel. SalesMakers acts as your special ops team — moving in quickly, observing accurately and recording thoroughly to reveal what your customer experiences when you aren’t there, measure sales effectiveness, test staff product knowledge, perform merchandising audits, evaluate competitive stores, reduce buyer’s remorse and more.

In-Store Merchandising

Make a scene. SalesMakers can create the backdrop for sales success through planogram-based merchandising, product display, brochures, signage, collateral and other in-store tools. Our seasoned pros can improve co-op program efficiency and implement quality control measures to build positive mind-share among your brand’s retail reps.