Extremely Important Message

Greetings SalesMakers,

The following is an extremely important message. Please read it in it’s entirety!

As our Sprint Team At RadioShack (STAR) program matures, the need to keep the organization right sized is a constantly evolving process. You have already seen some of our processes change over the last week with the markets being reorganized.

We are at the point now where we will be making another organizational change. We will no longer have the members of our SMS team involved in the SWAS/STAR day to day process.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will no longer cloud in or out at the beginning or end of your shift
  • You will no longer need to roll call in the morning
  • You will still need to punch in and out on Blueforce!
    • It is imperative that you are still punching in and out at the beginning and end of each shift as well as for a 30 min break any time you work 6 hrs or greater! Be aware that we will be keeping honest people honest, and will be thoroughly auditing Blueforce punches on a weekly basis. They will also be approved by your Sprint Market Managers. So make sure they match exactly what you have worked! We will be auto posting in the groups to remind you to punch in and punch out for your shift as well as for break.
  • Your Sales Director will be your main point of contact for anything with our company. Including anything related to missing punches.
  • You may also feel free to reach out to Regional Director Ryan Pitman or Project Director Jeff Parlette with any questions or concerns (they can be found in your groupme group)
  • Nothing changes with your relationship with your Sprint Market or District Managers

Thanks for your understanding and continued dedication towards growth!