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Optimize sales, galvanize your sales force and leverage sales solutions. The highly skilled SalesMakers force is ready to engage with your customers at “big box” retailers, events and popup stores nationwide. And, with A-Z sales expertise that includes assisted sales, retail consulting services, sales training and management, we have the real-world experience, passion and technology to deliver superior sales results — ready to go.

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Complex services are a SalesMakers niche, and our sales pros focus on sell-through by each hour, activity and customer interaction.
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Not just brand advocates, SalesMakers ask questions that turn prospects into customers.
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Our SalesMakers close thousands of retail sales every day, from “Big Box” shoppers to event, mobile or pop-up stores. Ask us how.

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Catapult sales plans from concept to launch with a trustworthy 360-degree approach.
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Reach launch success through expert planning, programs, launch implementation, recruiting, staffing, training, performance evaluation—or any time you need to drive sales.

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Build confidence, instill retention and ease sales floor transition for immediate results.
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We’ll move quickly, observe accurately and record thoroughly to discover your customer experience.
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Stand out on the shelf through planogram merchandising, product display and point-of-sales materials.
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SalesMakers executes retail sales training, mystery shopping, reporting and customized consultation. You secure more customers in the most competitive of environments.

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The SalesMakers team makes it our business to maximize yours. Tap in to an agile, collective national workforce that applies the latest technology, communications best practices and direct management involvement that’s geared toward revenue generation and services sell-through — everywhere SalesMakers operates.


A sales team that’s ready, right from the get-go.

SalesMakers builds a dynamic, incentivized sales team through the use of advanced video technology, from face-to-face interviews and live in-studio training to in-store transition coaching, across your entire territory.

Applying advanced video technology and recruiting best practices, our expert human resources team conducts one-on-one live feed interviews, and dynamic sales trainers lead comprehensive in-studio sales training so your team knows your brand, your products and your customer – before ever stepping on the sales floor. Plus, our competitive culture and incentive program pushes each SalesMaker to reach your goals and build your bottom line.


Connected, motivated, agile and informed.

With SalesMakers, your sales force operates in real-time. Individuals interact with peers and managers via social media groups, GPS tracking, “show me” check-ins, and more to solve challenges and track wins — as they happen, whenever and wherever they are.

SalesMakers management is directly involved to promote optimal sales force performance, down to the store level. Our sales force stays smart and laser-focused through instant peer problem solving and management connection, direct training and support resources, and rapid response to real-time sales statistics. And, SalesMakers ensures client transparency — all the time — to ensure your success in real-time.


Reach your sales metrics. Earn those incentives.

Tap in to up-to-the-moment reporting at your fingertips with smart phone, tablet and desktop access so you can react with agility, speed and intelligence at the speed of now.

All without the usual administration hassle. When you leverage SalesMakers’ comprehensive consortium of business intelligence tools and analytics, you can move at the speed of now. Track operational compliance, measure sales, analyze activity and glean program insights — all in real-time — to drive improvement and optimize performance. And, with the unrivaled expertise of the SalesMakers executive team, you glean insights and implications to maximize your return.

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CTIA Vegas, 2015

September 9th-11th, 2015
Come visit with us at CTIA in Las Vegas at the Palazzo Hotel! We will be giving Live Demonstrations of our innovative “EverPresent Management” Video Platform! CTIA–The Wireless Association® is creating the “Super Mobility Week” industry trade show so leaders from the wireless industry can network and conduct business with the right people. The super mobile show, CTIA 2015, takes place September 9th-11th at the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact Steve McDonald at or (310) 699-9939.

SalesMakers To Fill 4,500 New Jobs Nationwide!

Retail Assisted Sales Company Adds 100 New Positions at its St. Petersburg Headquarters

St. Petersburg, FL Jimmy Ralph, Chief Executive Officer at SalesMakers, Inc. (formerly Retail Business Development), today announced the expansion of its downtown St. Petersburg headquarters and the start of an ambitious hiring blitz that is set to create 4,500 new jobs nationwide.

SalesMakers, providers of third-party labor sales forces for retailers, is hiring to fill 100 new positions at its St. Petersburg office. Most of the new jobs created are in the recruiting, human resources, payroll and information technology (IT) departments. The company has secured an additional 8,600 square-feet to accommodate this growth.

“Over the past few years we have invested heavily in human and technological infrastructure and, as a result, have become the most efficient supplier of retail sales forces in the country,” CEO Ralph explains. “Due to our advanced technology and a precise level of execution, we’ve cracked the code on supplying high volumes of sales forces at the speed of now—we generate thousands of new customers for our clients almost instantly.”

The firm’s proprietary “EverPresent Management” model applies interactive technology to recruit, train and manage remotely—which in turn delivers an industry-leading level of responsiveness to its clientele.

Twelve-year-old Retail Business Development (RBD) was rebranded in January with the new SalesMakers identity. SalesMakers serves clients that include Microsoft, Sprint, Vonage, DirectTV, Comcast and MetroPCS.

Ralph continues, “Our clients appreciate how reactive we are to their need for market share and new customers. The momentum we have allows us to be very impactful for their business. It’s a nice spot to be in, but we never take it for granted. We operate with an extreme sense of urgency to win for our clients, and we vow to never let that slow.”

Doug Harty, Chief SalesMaker added, “We are looking forward to a strong second half as the seasonal staffing, merchandising, and brand ambassador needs expand in preparation for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. Our expansion will enable us to meet all our existing and future clients’ sales goals and business objectives.”

IHA 2015, Chicago

March 7th-10th, 2015
Let’s meet up in Chicago! Meet the SalesMakers at the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, IL and tap in to an agile, collective national workforce that applies the latest technology, communications best practices and direct management involvement that’s geared toward revenue generation and services sell-through. See for yourself how SalesMakers can close more sales for your business, with less 3PL administrative hassle! Contact David Ginn at or (404) 384-0276.

Retail Business Development is now SalesMakers!

Logo with tagline

President and Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Ralph today unveiled a bold rebrand of Retail Business Development, one of the nation’s fastest growing third-party labor (3PL) assisted retail sales companies. The firm is now known as SalesMakers, Inc.

The ambitious effort, which included development of a new message strategy,  logo, website, corporate video and other promotional tools, was developed in collaboration with the firm’s branding agency of record, Pyper Young.

“The timing of the rebrand is perfect as we extend our national platform. We’re an evolving, twelve-year-old company, and the no-holds-barred SalesMakers name sets in motion great momentum to carry us forward.” He adds, “Our people, our system and the solutions we offer are focused solely on building the bottom line for our clients, and we now have a strong, energetic, modern and engaging brand that showcases that.”

Learn more. Call 866-869-6975.

CES 2015, Las Vegas

January 6th-9th, 2015
Meet the SalesMakers! At the 2015 International Consumer Electronic Show® in Las Vegas, SalesMakers demonstrates how we’re shaking up the 3PL industry through cutting edge technologies that enhance performance management and sell-through. Learn how to optimize your brand’s retail management, sales and field marketing programs to create a bottom-line boom for your business. Contact Steve McDonald at or (310) 699-9939.

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Partner with some of the world’s hottest retail brands to engage their customers and grow their sales when you join SalesMakers — among America’s fastest growing assisted sales companies. Benefits for hard working, energetic and results-oriented individuals include comprehensive paid sales training, flexible scheduling, incentive opportunities, advancement potential and a competitive, team-based culture that connects nationwide through video, mobiletechnology and social media.

We are always hiring here at SalesMakers, so if you are excited about starting your new career, CALL NOW to (888) 859-2585 or email your resume to To find the closest location near you, join our Facebook page:  facebook

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